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Nov 11, 2009 12:00pm EST
to honor america's war veterans tomorrow, i am pleased to welcome on to the show a decorated vietnam war vet, who lost both of his legs and one arm while serving his country in vietnam, max cleland. he has his new memoir, "heart of a patriot," and is good to have you on the program. i saw your op-ed ppiece. we know that earlier today, president obama and forceless michelle obama went to fort hood. -- and first lady michelle obama went to fort hood. your thoughts? >> first of all, the president should go to fort hood. these are his troops. these are our troops. they were killed by a man who went off of the edge. it was a terrorist act. whether the individual himself was a terrorist, we do not know, but it was a terrorist act. it created terror. there was obviously something going on in his mind that comported with what was going on in his mind, and that triggered him. it was going on in his mind for awhile. he had not wanted to go to war against his compatriots in many ways, so he took out as much of america and the american war machine in his mind that he could. the problem is he killed
Nov 14, 2009 7:00am EST
war or financial crisis. that was their plan. the interest wants to keep america in debt. you keep america in dead by having a financial crisis or make war. this is why the media is controlled by war mongeres. host: we're going to leave it there. on the twitter board. we have this tweet. "this is great. hopefully there is a lot of dirt on bush and cheney and this can come out and bush can be sent to trial as a war criminal." >> another post says "wake up, mr. president, we are at war here." host: back to the phone. on the line for democrats go ahead? caller: that last caller is probably still talking, huh? host: might be. what are your thoughts? caller: i have one sentence to sum up my feelings -- host: let's move on to the line for republicans in massachusetts. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the logistics of actually prosecuting these people in the south district of new york. we are not using the full inspect rum of legal options available to us. evidence was gathered and this was in civilian setings. now we are talking about prosecuting people we captured on a=nĂ
Nov 16, 2009 7:00am EST
>>> good morning, america. it's monday, november 16th and overnight, the president champions freedom for chinese students, even touting twitter. the chinese government blocks the show from chinese tv. >>> really going rogue. sarah palin and a war of words with the mccain camp. they fire back at her this morning as she appears all week on abc news. >>> sidekick to a killer? did major hasan have an apostle? we track the odd cast of characters with him before the ft. hood massacre and abc news investigates. >>> is it justice. the parents of a murdered tv news anchor react to the jurors who spared her killer's life. a "gma" exclusive. >>> and viagra for women? the new pill doctors say may be the new rage for the other sex. and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts. happy to begin a new week. overnight the president took questions from the chinese students and challenged his chinese hosts about free speech. >> chinese censureship dominated the conversation on the president's first trip to china also trying to push them with global problems. a tricky balance. he kn
Nov 16, 2009 12:00pm EST
. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> republicans say a civilian trial will also give the alleged terrorists the public platform they want. >>> brand new details on the alleg allege ft. hood shotter. he's saying he did not pressure to hurt americans. the cleric could tell he was becoming uncomfortable in the u.s. military. the cleric told the "post" reporter hasan's killing spree is allowed under islam because it a form of jihad, and because the united states started the battle in muslim countries. has sn accused of shooting and killing 13 people at ft. hood. s he is still in the hospital. >>> and president obama is in china. china financed massive sums of u.s. debt. part of the president's talks may include assurances those investments are safe. the president held a town hall meeting with college students in shanghai where he push for greater freedoming in china. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation, but we also don't believe that the principles t
Nov 26, 2009 5:00pm EST
on the importance of philanthropy. later, america's future and the place in the world. at 8:00, the first of three nights of the c-span's original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of the government, starting with the supreme court. >> tomorrow, dawn kpeck ofi an update on the commercial and real-estate markets. then, author of the walmart effect with charles fishman. after that,sidney hart. "washington journal", live on friday, 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. friday, parliament opens its chambers as the youth parliament debates in the house of commons. also, jayson blair on why he fabricated and plagiarized news stories. also, have world the threat's been over height? sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia panel. facebook founder chris hughes on how social networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving weekend on c- span, american icons, three nights of original documentaries on the icon mccombs of the three branches of the american government, beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. ea
FOX News
Nov 21, 2009 3:00pm EST
that slimmer thing. we have a special hour. hello, america. i found out that the only people that will tell you the truth on what could happen and the only people that really know are friction authors. they have to know what is really going on so they can weave a story in that is believable. they will also tell you the truth. they have nothing to gain. one of my favorite fiction authors is here and we will spend an hour with him. i think you are going to hear truths that you don't hear very often. most days, i think our main worry is how is your job? you got your job still? the economy is a giant debt wierer's saddling on to our grandkids and the marxists in the white house and the people in washington who are supposed to be representing us, and especially as tough as times are now, now is not the time to take our eyes off of national security. i have several friends that are in special forces, and they have told me, and they have taught me history, history that we know being onto other side of the coin. our country in the past has infiltrated our enemy's borders, sowing the seeds of discontent
Nov 16, 2009 6:00am EST
morning america." >> the time is 6:20 at 62 degrees. >> inside the mind of a killer. john allen mahomet's former attorney writing a tell-all book. he says it was his client's idea. >> if today sarah palin will have an exclusive interview on "oprah" @ portlock on abc 7. -- at portlo4:00. >> sarah palin embarq on a media blitz to promote her new book there is some sale one for the white house could be the next step. >> now a preview. >> abc bought an advance copy of the book. she reveals where the title comes from. when she quit the alaska governorship before going on a book tour. the former vice presidential candidate tells barbara walters how she killed when she discovered a teenage daughter was pregnant. >> did you know she was sexually active? >> i didn't. that is why it was shocking. was devastated. >> she says in the book, in no way did i want to send a message teenage pregnancy was something to endorse or glamorize. and she spends their feelings when she saw her shirtless husband told their baby. she says she would never leave thehim. a former running mate says he will read the cop
Nov 15, 2009 8:30am EST
the military in support of america. >> abernethy: is there anything about his being a very devout muslim that could explain to you his shooting? >> for me, it was. >> abernethy: his alleged shooting. >> for me, what happened on that thursday has nothing to do with islam. islam does not stand in support of such shooting. actually, according to islamic law, what he did was criminal, immoral, and unethical, and against the teachings of islam in every way, shape, and form. >> abernethy: when he apparently... when he began shooting, he shouted out "allahu akbar," in arabic, "god is great." >> yeah. you know muslims use that phrase, "allahu akbar," like "oh, gosh" in english, "oh, my lord, oh, my god." it does not really have a religious motivation always and all the time. >> abernethy: you have counseled a lot of muslim soldiers and marines. is there any conflict for any of them at least sometimes between being muslim and then having to go someplace where they are fighting muslims? >> you know overall, most of the soldiers we have and muslim soldiers in the u.s. military are loyal americans a
FOX News
Nov 13, 2009 9:00am EST
of keep america safe. her reaction is clear. >> i burst into tears when i found out the news. i knew it was coming because they politicized these cases, but it still hurts, bad. i went to the moussaoui trial. çi listened to him sit on the stand and mock the 9/11 families, laugh at the commander who tried to guess she lost members of per unit. it is going to be 10,000 times worse because it will be a few blocks from ground zero and it will be the mastermind who applauded the deaths of my brother and all these people. these men wanted to plead guilty in the military can -- commissions. çthese cases would have been roughed up by next month. remember, there are 500,000 documents. they have to start from scratch and put them through a different legal framework. bill: democratic congressman joe sestak believes the trials are a good idea. he will be with us in five minutes to explain why. juliet: when folks get lost in the wilderness, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to search for them. search and rescue teams say this is becoming a bigger problem because more and more peopl
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 11:00am EST
and it ends today. the commissioning ceremony of the u.s.s. new york. welcome to a special edition of "america's news h.q.." jamie: this is a very special hour. did you know the bow on the navy's newest warship was forged from steel that once held up the world trade center? the u.s.s. new york will be commissioned into active military service in a ceremon -- ceremony on a manhattan pier. inspiration found on one of america's darkest days, september 11, 2001. nearly 3,000 americans killed when terrorists crashed airliners into the twin towers. some 7.5 tons of the steel that held up those towers preserved, built into a $1 billion warship, forged at a shipyard outside new orleans. now the u.s.s. new york comes full circle. laura engle is lucky enough to be live on pier 86 in new york city, where the commissioning will begin at any moment. laura, there must be so much excitement there. not only is she a beautiful vessel, she also has incredible capability. >> that's right. that's what everybody here has been talking about, jamie. just the sheer size that we have been marveling at all week long si
Nov 19, 2009 6:00am EST
dedicated funding to cover all of new york city's added security costs? >> i think that is fair. america was attack on september the 11th. that was of national consequence. although the trial will be hosted in new york, it seems to me that new york should not bear the burden alone. this is a national -- >> so you will recommend, and i presume, fight for these funds from omb which we know sometimes has other things on its mind. >> with your help -- >> you have my full and undivided help. i just don't want mayor bloomberg, the commissioner. they didn't make the decision, but they stepped up to the plate and willingly agreed. i don't think either they or new york city, new york state should be left hanging out there paying any of the costs of this, and i take it you fully agree with that. >> i don't disagree with that at all. >> okay. second question, and just one other thing on this. there may be other costs that we can't envision, and i take it we're wanot going to find someby saying this wasn't in an original application or on an original request. i take it there will be flexibility and
Nov 19, 2009 9:00pm EST
. think about this. finally people in america, if your kid gets sick, you're not going to be thrown off your health care coverage. if you've got a kid you want to keep on your health care coverage when they're in college until they're 26 years old, they can stay on your own family's health care coverage. you have all kinds of prevention provisions in there that really bring us to looking at health and not just health care and health insurance down the road. so i think the $127 billion saving on the deficit, you might says that's a conserve-a-dem issue. i think it should be for everyone in the country we finally have a bill that will save that much. we have a problem in this country that we've been able to put together a health care bill that brings us closer to bringing down the cost for health care, that will allow american companies to compete with companies in other countries, that allow small businesses who pay 20% more for their health care to finally be able to get some leverage so they can less expensive health care? that's what this bill is about. >> i didn't mean to imply that
Nov 3, 2009 12:35pm EST
holeryness is well known in america having received the congressional gold medal and met with the past three presidents. he's on his sixth viz hit in the united states. it began in new orleans where he attended a symposium on pollution in the mississippi river. he travel new york where he met with ban ki-moon. tomorrow in washington he will meet with president obama and attend diners in his honor by the secretary of state and vice president. in 2008 he published a book called "encounter the mystery: understanding orthodox christianity today." i met him with in atlanta last week at the c.e.o. of coca-cola, a turkish citizen whose father was a distinguished turkish diplomat. the conversation began with a question about his role as he saw it. tell me about your role. >> by the grace of god i am the first bishop in the whole orthodox church worldwide. you may knee in the orthodox church we have the principal of the independent churches which are free to coordinate and organize their internal affairs. the local churches elect their primate and the role of the ecumenical patriarch as it is histori
Nov 30, 2009 12:30am EST
as a result of the contributions of the european union, america and some of the richest countries of the world. we will do everything in our power to secure a climate change agreement in copenhagen. >> thank you, mr. speaker. whatever are the individual speakers on afghanistan there's clarity on the mission. the prime minister has said we're in afghanistan to protect british people against terrorism. and yet almost in the same breath threatens to pull out of the country if president karzai can't clean up his corrupt government. these are contradictory messages they are sending out mixed signals. can the prime minister now square that circle?vu >> we are in the country because of the threat to britain. a threat that has been seen over eight years as a result of projected and actual terrorist defenses in our country. three-quarters of which come from afghanistan and pakistan and mainly the borders of pakistan. that is why we are there to protect the streets of britain. i was right to ask president karzai to give us assurances about how in his second term he would tackle corruption. he has now an
Nov 15, 2009 7:00am EST
and govern america from the left is failing quickly and decisively. bill crystal says our task is to minimize the damage and use the next three years to lay the ground work intelligently for a new era that can conserve prosperity and revitalize pennsylvania from the republican line. sit worth the price? >> no. i come to the point where i don't even feel that way as a republican. i think look what happened here with hasan and the response of our media and that attack at fort hood and look at that and also the way that we are looking at things internally, you know we have the chief of the staff in t$e army saying after somebody slaughtered all t$ese people diversity is your greatest string and then you go to this diverse place. tribal and ethnic diversity in afghanistan and iraq and you see that, that's really not a string strength in reality. diversity of this all over the world is endless strife and bloodshed and we're not - our democracy was born out of anglo-saxon civilization. and with democracy it's really a simple thing really. so i don't know why we have to point a bayon et to make the
FOX News
Nov 8, 2009 12:00pm EST
and hospitals struck to get it for their patients. i'm shannon bream, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with the historic vote in the house late last night. it took a visit from president bam become and a deal with the pro-life members to the caucus, but the democrats were able to win the late night passage of the massive healthcare bill. caroline shively is standing by with the latest. hi, caroline. >> hi to you, shannon. democrats pass with reform bill with 220 cevote. listen to the cheers when they reached 218 the bear minimum for passage. [ applause ] that cheer is for a ten-year trillion-dollar plus measure that is a sweeping overhaul of a healthcare system. 219 democrats voted for the bill, and so did one republican, congressman joseph gal. a first termer who holds overwhelmingly democratic seat in new orleans. 176 republicans and 39 democrats voted against it. it aimed to cover 96% of americans. those who don't get insurance face a fine. it has large companies to offer coverage or face a fine. creates a public option where the gover
Nov 11, 2009 12:00am EST
like you. thank you. tavis: as we geset to hor america's war veterans tomorrow, i am pleased to welcome on to e show a decorated vietnam w vet, who lostoth of hi ls and e arm while sving his country in vietnam, max cleland. he has his new memoir, "heart of a patriot," ands good to have youn the program. i saw your op-ed ppiece. we know that earlier today esident obamand forceless mielle obama went to fort hood. -- and firslady michelle obama went to fort hood. your thoughts? >> first o a, the president should go to fort hood. these a his troops. ese a our troops. they were kild by a manwho went offf the edge. itas a terroristct. whether the individual himself was a terrorist, we do not know, but it w a terrorist ac. it created terror. there was obviously somhing going on in his mind that mportedwith what was going on in h mind, andhat triered him. it was gng on in his min for awhile. he h not wanted to go to w against his cpatriots in many ways, so took out as much of america and thamerican war machine his mind at he could. the problem i he killed innocent peoe, as terroris do. it was
FOX News
Nov 16, 2009 8:00pm EST
this week. >> this is where the best of america is. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. lou dobbs and cnn. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the last of the original cnn anchors lou dobbs have left the network after 27 years. we will talk to mr. dobbs in a moment and find out exactly why that happened. no question illegal immigration played a part. the "new york times" among others is thrilled about dobbs exiting. editorializing, quote: from dobbs, cnn the anti-immigrant label applied to lou dobbs did not sit well with cnn which is dominated by liberal management. also dobbs gave voice to the berthers a fringe group that believes president obama was not born in the u.s.a. but it was the immigration deal that defined lowe. -- lou. >> don't get me wrong it's hard to leave. the c in cnn is not the letter c but rather the spanish wor
FOX News
Nov 11, 2009 9:00pm EST
. this is the heartland of america. there are people here from every state in america, people u.s. service, from world war ii en route, -- people who have served from world war ii on word -- onward. they have got sons and daughters serving in our military today. they do not want those sons and daughters to go off and fight a war we cannot win, and they know we cannot win if we do not know who r&b is. sean: colonel, we cannot call it a "war on terror" anymore. how dangerous is that, what is clearly what the 9/11 commission warned us so adamantly about? >> it has been more -- long known in strategy that if you do not know your enemy, you will lose. we have got to understand who our enemy is. our enemy is a radical jihadis m, and these folks out here are not going to stand for it. you have been to these tea parties over the summer, and let me tell you, this is the biggest tea party. these people are upset. [cheers and applause] sean: this goes to something you have dealt with for a large part of your career, which is the difference between a radical islam and islam. do you think we have gotten to the point w
Nov 2, 2009 11:00pm EST
fide castro and moammar qaddafi. his holeryness is we known in america having receid the congressional gold med and met with the pastthree psidents. he's o his sixth viz hit in the uned states. it began in new orleans wheree attended a symposium poution in the mississippi river. he travel new yo where he met with ban ki-moon. tomorrow in whington hewill et wh president obama and attend diners in his honor e secretary of state and vic president. in 2008 he publisd a book called "enunter the myery: undetanding orthodox ristianity today." i met himwith in aanta last week at the c.e.o. of coca-cola, a turkh citizen whose father was a distinguished turkish diplomat the conversation began with a estion about his role as he saw it. tell mabout your role. >> by the grace of god i am the rst bishop in the whole orthod church worldwide you may knee in the orthodox urch weave the pncipal of the independe urches whi are free to coordinate and organize their interl affairs. the lal churches elect the primate d the role of the ecumenical patriarchs it is historic title of thepatriarch of constantino
Nov 15, 2009 10:30am EST
. theireligion is under siege; thr community is under siege because of suspes. what want america to do is to understand that we are part of the fabr of america. we love america, our cotry, and we want to fight wth everye in defense of america. >>bernethy: imam yahya hendi, many thanks. >> thank you. >> abernethy: this past week the supre court heard rguments about whether it's constitutiol to sentence juniles who commit crimes other than murder to li in prison withouparole. tim o'brien reports. >> reporter: 23-year-olkenneth young had just turned 15 whehe committed a stri of hotel robberies in the tampa area, acting at the direction 25- year-1x$)p(tuq:haethea, neighborhoodrug dealer with a longrrest record. behea would hold the gun, yng uld take the money. >> the only thing he tolde to dwas get the money and the tapes, and that was it. >> reporter: what tapes? >> like video pes from the video cameras. >> reporter: the security camera? yes, sir. >> reporter: andou did that? >> y sir. >> rerter: young says he had little choice. s mother was addicted to crck cocai and had stolen drugs fr
Nov 8, 2009 11:30am EST
think, you know, this whole conversation about well, it's america's fault, we're on the ground in iraq, we're on the ground in afghanistan, they hit us on 9/11 before we were this any of those countries. >> we've been in those countries a long time, monica. >> it is a narrow, radicalized -- >> false finding is not the issue. this has nothing to do with immigration. anybody who thinks it does has a very poor understanding of a couple of very separate problems here. immigration versus terrorism. >> the reason why it's not going to affect immigration is >>> when we come back, elections the vaccines? when planning for retirement these days, the forecast is full of ifs. if i'm too exposed to downturns. if i'll go through my savings too fast. to help you feel more confident consider putting a portion of your savings in a metlife variable annuity. when the market goes up, it gives your assets a potential to grow. while protecting you if the market goes down with a steady stream of income. let america's number one annuity provider help you stay on course with guarantees for the if in life. g
Nov 15, 2009 11:30am EST
dramatic that the pentagon now sees china as a challenge to america's military presence in asia. china, economy. total gdp, china 8 trillion, u.s. 14.34 trillion. labor force, china 800 million. u.s. 154 million. billionaires, china 79. u.s. 391. millionaires, choo -- china 400,000, u.s. 9 million. automobile production, china 9.3 million cars in 2008. second in the world. u.s. 8.7 million in 2008, third in the world. banking, china leads. three of the world's top four largest banks, u.s. one of the world's top four. green energy, china leads winds, solar and biofuels expecting to reduce carbon emissions by 2020 by 20%. u.s. 15% carbon reduction by 2020. the u.s./china equation. china is the biggest holder of u.s. debt. it holds $800 billion worth of u.s. debt. with that $800 billion wealth, china can buy chicago twice. shanghai world expo starts may 1, 2010. communism? china says forget about it. >> people have a very bad memory of a period in china like 30 years ago. so when the government becomes rich, everybody wants to become rich. >> question. is china today more capitalist or mo
Nov 9, 2009 11:00pm EST
of america's most beloved celebr y celebriti celebrities. >> he would sit on me. >> secrets we would never believe unless we heard it from their own mouths. >> i started waking up in my father's hotel room. >> shocking and heart breaking. >> my mother would say no, joe, you're going to kill him! >> whitney houston stunned america when she confessed about her devastating drug use with now ex-husband, bobby brown. >> you were free casing cocaine. >> yeah. >> your drug of choice was weed with cocaine. >> rock cocaine. >> she dropped bombshells about her with bobby brown and how abusive their relationship was. >> eyes were looking at us. >> secrets don't get much darker than mackenzie phillips's revelations to larry king about her incestuous relationship with her father, john phillips. >> all i remember is arriving in the room, getting high and during a blackout when you are not in your body, you come to and i was in the act of having sex with my father. >> mackenzie's book high on arrival revealed the details of this dark secret she had carried for 31 years. >> we need to talk about how i use
FOX News
Nov 6, 2009 4:00pm EST
great prosperity to america and give us an opportunity to really innovate. cneil: but they are not above looking into your business or antitrust issues because a lot of folks are saying you're getting too big. >> we expect that, and the regulators have a job to do, and we expect an artist in the u.s. but also in europe. from our perspective, in terms of my message to the administration, it is really about innovation. google is an example of a company that can help invent new industries in america, can really bring jobs back, can really bring the kind of america that all of us want to be part up. advanced manufacturing, biotech, and the other things america is a world leader in. investments there and encouraging the private sector -- that works. neil: the president likes you personally. you are on a variety of his advisory boards. how'd you like him? >> on a personal basis, i like him a lot. very smart. he is a top thinker. one of the things that people did not see on the campaign was have decisive he was. given the set of problems that he has been handed, i think he has been quite decisi
FOX News
Nov 15, 2009 3:00pm EST
' day and we thank all of you out there who have served your country. america is the strongest nation on earth largely because of you. military and the fort hood massacre that the subject of talking points memo, 81% have a favorable view of the military, just 9% unfavorable. now i'm guessing, some of that 9% in the media. now, there is a military controversy over the hasan. the major was e-mailing an al-qaeda recruit they are yemen. they passed information on to the army, they said that's not true. only a congressional investigation will get to the bottom of this. there is no question, no question that hasan is a terrorist, a man who murdered 13 innocent people because of jihad. massacre at fort hood is not a crime, into the tragedy, not the action of a man snapping. it is an act of war perpetrated by a muslim terrorist that believes infidels should die. we know americans have troubling with that definition. they don't want to be seen demonizing islam. not all germans in world war ii were evil. folks know all muslims aren't terrorists. okay? so we should stop the nonsense. it is impor
Nov 16, 2009 7:00am EST
individualing with america's largest creditor. >>> fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> starting you off with a nice view from up above. it is monday morning, november 16th, 2009. temperatures in the low 50s right now. should bounce up nicely. good morning and thanks for joininus. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast. >>> but first redskins fans have a win to cheer about. >> the redskins able to get the best of a bronco squad. denver up by 3 at the half. but the skins tied it up in the fourth and final score 27-17. dave ross will have more on the victory coming up in our monday morning quarterback. >>> now i wanted to ask this question, i wanted to call tony to see if he watched the game and sort of -- woo hoo, my skins. >> i did. and they looked like an nfl team. and i did watch the last part of the game. >> you might be the x factor, tony. >> it was just after somebody called and said they are winning. >> i was out and about with my son and listening on the radio and i was like, they're doing something. and it was fun to watch when i got home.
Nov 6, 2009 5:00pm EST
which led to the deaths of innocent children? and how can america be silenced of such blatant defiance of not only the rule of law but what is considered decent and moral. this resolution is more than about two human rights activists. this is about a totalitarian system which is so afraid of its own population that it resorts to the harsh and brutal measures to conceal the truth about the deaths of innocent school children. this is about the massive human rights abuses, such as the continued percentcutions of tens of thousands of practitioners, an issue addressed in a resolution which i introduced months ago, but which is yet to reach the floor of this chamber. this is about the continued repression of the weeg you are people and engage in truth dealing with them not only in beijing but in the white house here in washington, d.c. this is about speaking truth to power and president obama during his upcoming summit in china putting human rights and religious freedom issues squarely on the table instead of just agreeing to disagree. mr. speaker, at this time, i would like to yield such ti
Nov 8, 2009 9:00am EST
for more information on the triple solution on healthier american, visit for a healthier see you next time for your health. captioning sponsored by cbs and johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations. >> osgood: good morning. i'm charles osgood and this is sunday morning. of all the questions facing our country there's one in particular that touches us in an immediate and personal way. it involves the h1n1 flu vaccine. many perplexed americans, the question comes down to this. is the vaccine really a healthy choice? there's no shortage of opinion on this question. it's not just medical experts who are having their say. tracy smith will be reporting our cover story. >> about 15 minutes we'll start. thank you very much. >> reporter: millions have taken the h1n1 vaccine. but there are millions more who doubt they want it or even need it. what do you think is more infectious, h1n1 or fear? >> i think fear is the most infectious thing on the planet at the moment. i'm hoping it's not the most dangerous but i could
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Nov 10, 2009 8:00pm EST
in america. obama wasn't wrong there. tiller was a victim. but the point that he was loathed to condemn hasan seems to me to be a play that he didn't want muslim americans under any pressure. >> precisely. that's the comparison. in this case the muslim is the victim. why? because -- bill: i don't think he made him the victim, he didn't want other american muslims who are good people to be the targets of hatred. >> right, but that's crazy. you didn't have him jumping out and saying, now, don't be mean to the anti-abortion people. why? because we have a pant yol onof virginia victims. to get ahead in america, you have tonight victim. this fort hood thing is the apoth yo sis of my book. it's not until 9/11 that muslims became the preeminent victims. that's why the army did not react -- bill: that's a very interesting thing. you believe that muslims not only american muslims but muslims the world over are perceived by the left as being victims of the jihad. >> the number one victims. that's why the army -- this guy, hasan -- bill: he should have been flagged. obviously. >> but i have to raise my
Nov 9, 2009 8:00pm EST
-coast of "good morning america" is joining us. rumor has it it might be a man joining her. there goes my shot. like i need another shot. all this and more starts right now. >>> i want to begin with the tragedy at ft. hood, texas. ki78d 13, injured 30. he is now talking. what set him sof the subject of a lot of speculation. joining me now to discuss, the founder and executive director of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. from the american islamic foreign for democracy. first let's go to cnn correspondent on the scene. what is the latest, samantha? give us an update. >> joe, major hasan is awake and apparently talking. and you also know that he was shot four times. he is being treated in a hospital in san antonio, texas. and staff members there tell us that he has been communicating with them, although an official hospital spokesperson would not tell us whether he has been communicating with investigators as well. back here at ft. hood, in an afternoon press conference, lieutenant general robert cohen, the commander, talked about you how he feels in this tragedy, they're moving on to a
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Nov 7, 2009 8:00pm EST
wutbyd oll ked kalm f f aiz faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked brthme f f aiz >> julie: from america's news headquarters, hello, everyone. i'm julie banderas. historic vote expected in just hours on capitol hill. it's there that lawmakers continue to debate a landmark healthcare overhaul bill. minority republicans calling the nearly 2,000-page $1.2 trillion measure a, "government takeover" of the whole healthcare system. president obama meantime met with the house democrats before debates began saying, "this is our moment to deliver." a philadelphia transit union rep dismissing talks of a tentative agreement to end transit strike in the city of brother ily love. governor saying that they reached an agreement but a spokesman said the reports of an agreement are premature and said negotiations aimed to end the five-day strike are underway. i'm julie banderas. now back to "huckabee" already in progress. >> mike: we are on the road for the next few weeks. i'm glad you're joining me on what is the home for the next few months. 64 cities in 22 states in the next three-and-a-half weeks between now
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Nov 11, 2009 8:00pm EST
. it is veterans day and we thank all of you out there who have served your country. america is the strongest nation on earth, largely because of you. the military and the fort hood massacre, that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. a new rasmussen poll said 81% of americans have a favorable view of the military, just 9%, just 9%, unfavorable. now, i'm guessing some of that 9% in the media. but now there's a military controversy over the nissan hasan. the information was passed along to the army and the army said that's not true. only a congressional investigate will get to the bottom of this and there should be one because there's no question, no question, that nidal malik hasan is a terrorist. a man who murdered 13 innocent people because of jihad, the muslim holly war. as "talking points" stated last night, the massacre at fort hood is not a crime, a tragedy, norlt the action of a man snapping. it is an act of war perpetrated by a muslim terrorist who believes that infidels should die. now, we all know the obama administration and many other americans have trouble with
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